“Sorry” Doesn’t Have To Be The Hardest Word

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Something remarkable happened today in Dallas, Texas that I feel compelled to share here as an example of a wellness practice that can benefit everyone. It was done by a man in Texas whom I have never met, who heads an institution where I have never been, who said something publicly that I rarely hear. […]

Are You Ready To Change (Your Light Bulb)?

General, Self-Care, Your Better Life

Most of us are familiar with a type of joked called a “light bulb joke”. According to Wikipedia: “A lightbulb joke is a joke that asks how many people of a certain group are needed to change, replace, or screw in a light bulb. Generally, the punch line highlights a stereotype of the target group….There […]

How Full Of Yourself Should You Be?

Compassion, General, Self-Care, Your Better Life

Not infrequently a client will say to me that she would like to be more confident, more self-assured, or more exuberant. Then there is a pause, and she says, “But I wouldn’t want people to think that I am “too full of myself!” In my mind, and sometimes out loud, I will respond, “Well, who […]

Are You A “Friendly Mirror”?

Compassion, General, Self-Care, Your Better Life

Mirror: A reflective surface that reflects a clear image. One of the most valuable aspects of any relationship is that it provides an opportunity to receive feedback from another person about who we are, and our impact on them. Friends, family members or co-workers are unique in positions to reflect back to us information about […]