Are you feeling….

….worn down and discouraged?

….caught in negative, dead-end thinking and emotional ruts?

….arguing with or distant from your friends, spouse or family?

Here’s Some Good News:

There’s More To Life Than This!

Perhaps you’re wondering how things ended up this way….

Maybe you’ve been climbing the corporate ladder, only to question whether you like the view from the top.  Maybe partnership in the firm isn’t all it was cracked up to be.  You married the right person, got the right job, lived the life you were supposed to….

So you’re successful at work, but don’t like the work you do.  Or perhaps worse, you enjoy going to work but you dread going home.

Maybe it’s just not how you thought it would be.

Instead of intimacy, you have distance, coldness and routine.

Instead of life getting better, it’s become flat and dull.

Your life doesn’t have to be this way. You can have a Better Life

A life filled with deeper satisfaction, more meaningful work, joyfulness, close relationships and spiritual fulfillment.  I know. I’ve been helping capable, successful people like you create better lives for almost twenty years.  The starting point is understanding that….

What worked in the past isn’t always going to work in the present. 

More achievement doesn’t necessarily mean more satisfaction. Money, status, image, external rewards, these things can only take you so far. At some point in life, your inner voice and sense of purpose start to matter more. And to feel satisfied, you need to make changes to align your internal needs with your external actions.

It’s not uncommon to transition from being motivated by external achievements to different, more internal satisfaction as we mature. Your answer to the question, “What really matters to me?” is likely to evolve and expand as you gain more life experience.

So sometimes we need a bit of a life do-over.  It can be a small do-over (changing jobs, finding a new hobby) or a big do-over (switching careers, or spouses, or even continents).  Not everyone gets things right the first time out of the box.  And even if you did get it right the first time, life has a way of changing things. “Right” may no longer mean what it did five, ten or twenty years ago.

And sometimes, even Superheroes need a little help….

Imagine What It Would Be Like To:

  • Know what you really want out of life, and be working towards it every day.
  • Have close, caring relationships where you felt seen and understood.
  • Find creative, workable solutions to your problems.
  • Feel good without having to resort to alcohol, food or mood-altering substances.
  • Face the future with a sense of hope and purpose.

Counseling can help you create this life, Your Better Life, with these things and more.  

Drive, laser-like focus, dedication, intelligence, working longer and harder hours. Being good at managing things on your own. These qualities helped you build a great business or led you to professional, personal or corporate success.

But the qualities and skills that have worked to get you where you are may not get you the things you need now. In fact, they can sometimes work against you.

Counseling can teach you a different skill set.  Skills that will help you still your mind. That will help you hear the quiet, inner voice of your own unique wisdom.  That will lead you to a life filled with pleasure, peace, and satisfaction.

Extensive research shows that counseling helps people feel better. One of the strongest predictors of a positive outcome in therapy is that you feel comfortable with the counselor you choose.

I’m in the change and healing business. I’ve walked the path of change myself, both professionally and personally, and I know it isn’t easy.  At times there were costs: financial, emotional, and psychological. And sometimes the costs were painful.

But the costs were worth paying for the life satisfaction and joy I have now. And I know you can have it, too.  I have almost twenty years of experience as a compassionate, authentic and successful counselor helping people do exactly that.

I also know that as competent and successful as you are, you may have pain and distress you are carrying inside you just like everyone else. Everyone has a past, a childhood, and old wounds that maybe impacting you even in the present. The good news it, sometimes it is these very sore spots that hold the key to our future.

I’ll treat you with the sensitivity and respect you deserve, and help you find a way to heal and move forward from these painful experiences in a more complete and full way.

I’ll listen to your concerns and support your efforts to change.  I’ll teach you how to find your inner voice, your inner truth, so you can lead a life that reflects your deepest needs and desires.  And I’ll show you how to ask yourself questions that lead to real solutions, and a meaningful, satisfying life.

This website is designed so you can learn about the ways I can help you to find positive solutions that meet your unique situation and needs.

Call or email me to discuss how to create Your Better Life!


Karen Caffrey, LPC, JD
Licensed Professional Counselor


Karen Caffrey, LPC, JD, Counseling and Psychotherapy in West Hartford, CT  06107