Fees & Services


I offer a fee range for my counseling services, to be agreed upon prior to our first session. My fee range is $175 to $225 per hour. I accept check, cash or online payment. Fees are due in full at the time of your session, unless we have made a different arrangement.

I reserve a limited number of spaces in my practice for reduced fee clients. When we speak to set up your initial appointment, please let me know if you are interested in this possibility.

You may be able to use Health Savings Account funds to pay for your counseling. Your accountant can also advise you on whether counseling may be deductible from your taxes for business or other reasons. This may especially be the case if you are entering counseling to address work or business related problems.

Insurance Reimbursement

For your protection and confidentiality I recommend that, if possible, you pay for your counseling without using insurance. Insurance companies require me to disclose highly personal information about you. The confidentiality and privacy of this information cannot be guaranteed.

If you choose to use your insurance, most insurance plans that provide out-of-network benefits will provide coverage for my services. I can provide you with a monthly invoice to submit to your insurance company if you wish to seek reimbursement.

Please note that I do not participate in any managed care panels. If you intend to use your insurance for therapy and coverage is necessary for counseling to be affordable for you, you should confirm your coverage for my services prior to our first meeting.

Frequency of Sessions

The frequency of your visits usually determined by a discussion that takes place during our initial meeting. In this meeting we will talk about why you are seeking counseling and what you hope to gain from it. Typically, people arrange to meet every week or every other week. Other options may include meeting more or less frequently, or sessions of a greater or lesser length.

Cancellation Policy

I ask for 24-hour advance notice of cancellation, as I have reserved your time specifically for you. This gives me an opportunity to fill the time, if possible, and to plan my schedule. The fee for sessions canceled or missed with less than 24 hour notice is the full fee for the session.

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