What Others Have Said About Me….

Here are some comments from participants in my training groups and workshops.

“Masterful at knowing the right words, the right approach to help someone.”

“Genuinely caring”.

“Karen was excellent, supportive and instructive.”

“Karen is compassionate, sensitive, caring, clear, very present and honest about her own process, supportive and strong!! (She) really drew the group together in the beginning and helped us form connections with each other. I have a huge amount of respect for Karen and I think she is an outstanding facilitator.”

“Karen is a great facilitator. She is very present, very compassionate. One thing I really like is that she checks in also, so we know where she is and what is happening for her, which makes her seem more accessible and definitely part of the group.”

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Karen Caffrey, LPC, JD, Counseling and Psychotherapy in West Hartford, CT  06107