Looking At Your Life With Fresh Eyes

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If you could look at your life with “fresh eyes”, what might you do differently? I just returned from a week out of the country in the beautiful Cornish countryside, land of my ancestors.  It has been many years since I traveled outside the United States.  And apparently there’s nothing like getting into a hollow […]

Dealing With Betrayal in Midlife: 4 Steps To Healing

General, Mid-Life Challenges

Recently I wrote about how the separation of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver might be touching fears about marital stability in midlife. I had mentioned affairs as one possible pitfall in a midlife marriage, particularly one where one or both partners hadn’t kept up with their emotional homework over the years. Nevertheless, it was truly […]

Is Divorce Inevitable in Midlife?

Mid-Life Challenges

High profile separations and divorces of long-married couples, like the separation of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver announced yesterday, can tap into a core of unease in many of us about loss of stability and change. If it can happen to the “beautiful people,” will it happen to us? And if it did, would that […]

The Gift of a Mid-Life Crisis (Or Two or Three)

General, Mid-Life Challenges

It’s never to late, or too early, to have a mid-life crisis. The phrase “mid-life crisis” has become impossibly trite. But a mid-life crisis still describes an experience that many, if not most, people have at some point in their lives. I think I had my first mid-life crisis at the age of 27, when […]