“Who cares about attorneys?”

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This week I attended a legal conference where a panel of experts discussed current national and state initiatives to advance lawyer well-being. One of the panelists shared a story about a conversation she had with a psychologist about these initiatives. His comment? “Who the h*ll cares about attorneys?” I’ll tell you who cares about attorneys. […]

Getting Counsel From Someone Who’s Been There

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Lawyer-turned-therapist offers help to attorneys in crisis by Douglas S. Malan The Connecticut Law Tribune March 30, 2009 Karen Caffrey knows the feeling. You’re in your early thirties and things are starting to click at your law firm. You’re getting to understand how to practice law and you’re good at it. But the time and […]

Why Can’t Lawyers Relax? – And How They Can


The lawyers who are reading this article probably already know what I’m talking about. The case is tried, the motion decided, or the closing done. You head out for the evening or go home to celebrate, relax and just take it easy. You find yourself sitting in a comfortable chair with the TV on, or […]