Approach With An Easy Heart

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Last week Charlie Rose interviewed actor Bradley Cooper, star of the recent box office hit movie Limitless. When Rose asked him how he’s changed in the process of preparing for a role Cooper replied,

“The main thing I’ve learned is to approach everything with an easy touch and an easy heart, and just approach everything with a much more relaxed energy, ’cause that’s when you open up.”

What a lovely phrase, and a lovely idea. “Approach with an easy heart.”

This got me thinking about how an easy heart might feel resting inside my chest. As I sat with this idea, I could feel the muscles around my heart relaxing and letting go. My shoulders came down, and I felt my torso softening and broadening. My breathing slowed. Ahhh!. An easy heart.

I told my heart that it was okay to take it easy. Everything is already okay. Right now. This very moment. All is well.

Cooper was right. When your heart is easy, you open up.

How do you imagine you would feel if you approached life with an easy heart?

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