12 Signs Of A Better Life

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How do you know if counseling could help you create a better life? Take a look at the following 12 Signs Of A Better Life, and think about whether adding these things to your life would improve it…counseling can help.

1. You feel your feelings, most of the time. (Emotions)

Like Goldilocks, the most satisfying feelings are those that are neither too hot nor too cold, but are “just right”. Intense feelings do happen in response to intense events. But life just doesn’t feel as good when you are regularly overwhelmed by negative feelings like sadness, anxiety, hopelessness or anger. Similarly, being regularly unable to access your feelings, living in a numb or disconnected state, makes life feel bland and unsatisfactory.

2. You are in a fairly good mood, most of the time. (Emotions)

Feelings tend to arise and pass quickly. Mood is a fairly consistent state. You feel better when your ongoing emotional state is balanced and positive.

3. You can think well, most of the time. (Mind)

You have the ability to focus your attention when you choose. Your thoughts are clear. Your mental functions and memory work well. You are open-minded and curious.

4. You get along with most people, most of the time. (Casual relationships)

Your relationships with co-workers, acquaintances, people you meet casually and the public are smooth. You navigate your world and society fairly easily.

5. You get along with most important people in your life, most of the time. (Friendly relationships)

There is a good degree of comfort, ease, and predictability in your daily interactions with friends, family, your partner/spouse, and the people who are close to you.

6. You love someone, and you express it to them. (Intimate relationships)

You have at least one emotionally intimate and trusting relationship, where you express your deep emotional needs and they are met. It may be with a partner/spouse, your parent(s), sibling(s), a close friend, etc.

7. Someone loves you. (Intimate relationships)

This means that you not only “know in your head” that someone loves you, but you can “feel” and receive their love. Receiving means that when they express their love to you, it makes you feel better, loved, comforted, valued, esteemed, cared for, etc.

8. You feel physically well, most of the time. (Body)

You have the energy to do what you want to do. You sleep well and feel rested. You have a general sense of physical well-being.

9. You enjoy doing something, and do it regularly. (Pleasure)

You have a hobby, passion, or activity that you enjoy. It makes you feel happy and satisfied both during and after you do it. It is something you look forward to doing.

10. Your body is a source of pleasure. (Pleasure)

You feel pleasurable sensations in your body in different ways. This includes physical contact such as hugs, kisses, pats on the shoulder, sexual satisfaction and pleasure, listening to music, massage, warm baths, the sensation of the sun or a breeze on your skin, etc.

11. You have fun, at least some of the time. (Pleasure)

You have spontaneous, playful times that include laughter, serendipity and joy for the sake of joy.

12. You feel that life is meaningful, most of the time. (Spirit)

You feel that your life and the lives of others have a purpose. Or you believe that there is or may be a God. Or you experience a sense of oneness or something in common with all beings, a sense of belonging in the world, of universality.

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