Part II – What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You: The Beautiful Truth in Father Unknown by filmmaker David Quint

(To read Part I of this review, visit the February 15, 2016 column of Adoptees Ask at The Door Opener Magazine Online.)

What we do not or cannot heal we pass on to our children. Without judging Urban’s mother, we are made painfully aware of the deep damage wrought upon Urban’s psyche and soul as a result the secret she kept from him. Obviously receiving no grace herself for her pain and shame, Urban’s mother passes her unhealed pain to Urban, who passes it on to David. Yet in an amazingly beautiful turning of the tide, David makes a life- and family-changing decision to interrupt the ancestral legacy of pain. Upon his urging, he and his father take a journey across the ocean back to the country where his father was born. What they find irrevocably alters and heals them both as well as others, even as it brings some painful changes to David’s life when he returns to home a different man.

This is an incrediblOpenDoory hopeful story. By banishing a legacy of shame, one person’s decision can heal his own pain, bring healing to the generation behind him and pass that healing on to the next generation. Healing reverberates out in all directions, to all who we encounter and particularly to those who are closest to us.

This is a “truth will set you free” film that will tear your heart open and put it back together again, fuller and richer for the experience.

Photo Credit:  Klearchos Kapoutis via Flickr


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