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The Effectiveness of Counseling is a resource for counseling and psychotherapy books, containing a review of research on the effectiveness and efficacy of counseling.

Mental Health and Well-Being

Mental Health America’s depression screening. This website has information about depression and a confidential depression screening test.

The National Institute of Health. has a wealth of information on health issues and current health research.

All About Counseling. Information about psychotherapy, self-help, professionals, mental health resources, and anonymous discussions.

Addiction Information and resources about addiction.

Volunteers In Psychotherapy. V.I.P. is a nonprofit organization in Connecticut dedicated to providing affordable and truly private psychotherapy for the community, in exchange for volunteer work clients donate to the charity of their choice.

Good Counseling and Therapy Directory. A free directory of psychotherapists & counselors (including myself) who are committed to the “Good Therapy” model, including non-pathologizing, and collaborative and empowering methods of helping their clients.

Body Mind Spirit Directory – a directory of conscious living, holistic health, spirituality and green resources.

Karen Diane Caffrey is listed at

Somatic Experiencing

The Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute. : This is an organization founded by Dr. Peter Levine and dedicated to the worldwide healing and prevention of trauma. It provides professional training in Somatic Experiencing® and outreach to under served populations and victims of violence, war and natural disasters.

For Lawyers

Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers-Connecticut, Inc. LCL-CT, Inc. is an IRS Sec. 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation created pursuant to Connecticut law to provide crisis intervention and referral services to the Connecticut legal community. LCL-CT, Inc. joins a national system of lawyer assistance programs specializing in assisting members of the legal profession. I am on a list of mental health providers who conduct mental health assessments and evaluations for LCL-CT, Inc.

Counseling for Veterans

Robert Caffrey, M.A. provides help and support to veterans and their families. To learn more about his services, visit him here.

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