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Welcome to the IAmAwareNow Therapy Reminder App

For many of us this time of year is when we renew our intentions to be do all the things we want to do to be healthier, happier and wiser. Sometimes this means having practical goals, like eating more nutritious food, taking an exercise class, or keeping our desk and home more organized.

But how can we remember to engage in our deeper, more internal wellness practices? Like reminding ourselves that we are deserving of love? That now is the time to take a deep belly breath? Like noticing what we are grateful for each day?
I’ve noticed that it is often really difficult for my clients to carry these more subtle, intangible practices from a therapy session into their busy lives.Blogpic

For many years I’ve brain-stormed with people on how to carry a hard-won awareness from a therapy session to their home and work. How can they jog their memory? A stack of post it notes, placed on the computer or on the fridge? A small personal journal carried around in a pocketbook or briefcase? An object that they can discretely place in their office that will remind them of a personal intention when they glance at it?

Sometimes these things work. But just as often they did not. I’ll sit down with a client and ask, “How did it go this past week? Did you remember to tell the child inside of you that she’s precious, even though her father called her stupid?” Often the response is, “Oh, I did it for a day or two but then got too busy at work”. Or, “Darn! I wanted to but one of the kids got sick and I just forgot about it.” It’s really hard to remember to do something new, to keep your awareness on your good intentions, even when you want to. (Never mind if you have any unconscious ambivalence about it.)

I often found myself musing, and saying out loud, that I wished I could be like a “shoulder angel” perched on my client’s shoulder when they left the session. Every so often I could whisper in their ear. “Say, what are you grateful for right now?” ”Gee, you seem really tense….why not take a belly breath?” Or whatever little gem of personal awareness that had arisen in their most recent session.

Then one day it hit me. What is the one thing that almost everyone has with them these days? A cell phone, of course. And what if there were a way to shoe horn my “shoulder angel” idea into a cell phone? By Jove, I’ve got it! I can make an app for this!

Enter, stage left, the IAmAwareNow app. It is a therapy reminder app that sends you friendly reminders (via text, and vibrate or ring tone) of the personal wellness practices that you are trying to remember to do. The app has some suggested basic practices which I hope have universal appeal. (viz.- “Take A Belly Breath”) And the premium version allows you to input your own, unique wellness practices. (viz. – “I deserve kindness even when I’m stressed out.”)

IAmAwareNow Therapy Reminder App is available at iTunes and on GooglePlay.

I suppose I could have called it The Pocket Therapist. But I wanted to emphasize that it is for, and about, YOU. Your awareness and your life. Are you aware now? :- )  I hope this app helps you to be so, and to help you remember to engage in your personal wellness practices.


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