Are You An Adoptee With A Question?

For several months I’ve been answering adoptee questions at Adoptee’s Ask, a weekly column at the Door Opener Magazine Online.  Adoptee’s Ask is a place for adoptees to ask the kinds of questions they may find difficult to ask, that may not be politically correct, or that no one seems to want to hear. “Why was I “given away”?” “Who are my “real” parents?  “How come I feel like I never belong anywhere?” And perhaps most importantly, “What can I do to heal?”  question8431849810_66647e0025_o

“Should I Even Exist?” is a question from an adoptee who didn’t feel wanted by either her birth or adoptive parents.   Another adoptee who feels deeply attached to her birth sister asks, “Is This Bond With My Birth Sister Normal?”

Are you an adoptee with a question?  You can submit your confidential, anonymous questions by emailing them to me at:

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I'm a psychotherapist in private practice in West Hartford, Connecticut. I enjoy helping people become more fulfilled and resilient, so they can lead better lives.
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